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Many weight control counseling programs fail because they fail to address the behavioral, emotional, and thought aspects behind the drive to eat in unhealthy ways. They may prescribe changes in your diet and lifestyle without giving you the necessary strategies to make these behavioral changes and stick with them. Dr. Dean Kirschner of the Life Mastery Center uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and hypnotherapy, in conjunction with other weight control programs, to help clients achieve their weight loss goals and start living healthier lives. Since 1987, Dr. Kirschner has helped individuals throughout Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, including Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Essex, Ellicott City, Towson, Lutherville, Cockeysville, White Marsh, Catonsville & Owings Mills, with weight control counseling.


Making the necessary changes to your thoughts and behaviors to achieve weight loss is no small task. Many weight control counseling programs suggest changes in eating, lifestyle, and exercise habits, but very few will arm you with the strategies to make these behavioral changes. Learning how to change your thoughts and behaviors is perhaps the hardest part of any weight control program, and it’s why the Life Mastery Center focuses on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in our approach.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies to help with weight control include:

  • Setting goals – By setting specific and ambitious, but attainable goals, it becomes more likely that you can not only achieve a goal but that you’ll be able to monitor and track it when you do.
  • Incentives to change behavior – The concept of rewarding yourself with a financial or another incentive is being practiced by more and more companies to help people reach their fitness goals.
  • Feedback and reinforcement – Receiving regular feedback from a health care provider can provide motivation and an outside source for gauging your success.
  • Improving self-confidence – Setting out to accomplish your weight loss goals with the belief that you actually can achieve them is one the most important steps you can take.
  • Challenge distorted thinking – Dr. Kirschner can help you learn to change the negative thoughts that may be behind your weight control problems.


Food addiction manifests itself through overpowering cravings for excessive amounts of food. Though many food addicts suffer from weight problems, others attempt to maintain their weight through other extreme measures, such as purging (bulimia) or extreme amounts of exercise.

Symptoms of food addiction include feelings of shame or sadness when eating, eating when upset or to reward yourself for good behavior, and many others. Without treatment, food addiction can have a serious negative impact on your quality of life – physically and emotionally.

At the Life Mastery Center, the focus is on helping you challenge the thoughts and behaviors that are leading to your food addiction and empowering you to take control and make changes in your eating habits.

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