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Relationships are complicated. They require honest communication, mutual respect, and trust. The goal of marriage counseling and couples therapy is to learn effective skills to strengthen respect, trust, and honest communication while also learning better strategies for conflict resolution.

At the Life Mastery Center, Dr. Dean Kirschner uses a range of marriage therapy and couples therapy techniques to help couples identify and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. Since 1987, Dr. Kirschner has helped couples throughout Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, including Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Essex, Ellicott City, Towson, Lutherville, Cockeysville, White Marsh, Catonsville & Owings Mills, find more happiness in their relationship. Marriage and couples therapy can help you learn and implement new behaviors so you may heal and rebuild your relationship, and find the joy and happiness you knew when you first married. If necessary, therapy can help you identify positive ways to end a relationship.


Marriage counseling and couples therapy can include a range of different goals as well as methods used to accomplish these goals, but the primary theme is one of moving from conflict towards cooperation and mutual respect. Couples should be working towards a greater understanding of themselves, their partners, and how they function together as a couple. Furthermore, they should be working towards understanding the habits and behaviors that are negatively affecting their relationship.

Couples often find themselves stuck in ineffective communication and recurring conflict. Marriage and couples therapy can help approach the conflict from a new angle and provide a new strategy for resolution and teach positive communication skills.

Therapy can help you learn to stay more positive,  loving and happy towards each otherAnger, sadness, or fear may be dominating one or both partners’ emotional state when around each other. Therapy can help you find ways to resolve these issues and learn to be more affectionate and caring towards each other in your daily interactions.


Staying on target to reach the goal of conflict resolution requires that both partners are committed to learning new strategies for listening, speaking with tact, and resolving differences cooperatively. Couples must address the overwhelming need to be right, or to win an argument. It sometimes requires anger management techniques, so couples can learn to take themselves away from a situation where things have become too heated for the conversation to remain constructive and learn how and when to continue the conversation.

Many people enter into marriage counseling and couples therapy with the belief that their partner must change, while ignoring their own thoughts and behaviors that may be contributing to the problems. Dr. Kirschner emphasizes that each partner’s job is to focus on their own development, not the other partner’s. Dr. Kirschner acts as an educator, guiding you towards better skills for conflict resolution, both in the therapy session and at home. Above all, both partners must want to make things work, and be committed to the process it takes to get there.

Ready to make a change? Contact the Life Master Center today for more information on marriage counseling & couples therapy. We are serving couples thrthroughout Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, including Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Essex, Ellicott City, Towson, Lutherville, Cockeysville, White Marsh, Catonsville & Owings Mills.



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